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The Daedalus M1 by GAMDIAS

For those following along, GAMDIAS is becoming something of a household name here at Hardware Meta. Their quality is always on point; we here at Hardware Meta are, overall, genuinely impressed. So it goes without saying when they offered to send out the Daedalus for review, it was a resounding “heck yeah” from us. Especially given that in my house everyone is teleworking/e-learning so, even in my grand office, desk space is at a premium.

office mess
This is what happens when everyone suddenly works from home.

Unboxing the Daedalus M1

The Daedalus comes flat-packed in a box only just wider that the desktop and a few inches thick. There was a warning label about the package being over 70lbs but to my surprise the package felt light. I’m not a big guy, but I was able to pick it up and carry it across the house and down the stairs very easily.

What’s inside the box?

  • The desk top
  • three cross members
  • two legs four feet
  • a desk sized mouse pad
  • some cable management items
  • mounting hardware
  • a single sheet of paper with a QR code


During the assembly process, I had a few minor issues – primarily with the assembly instructions. Scanning the QR code opens up a PDF that reads like an IKEA manual. You know the type – crudely drawn mock-ups and minimal verbiage. Assembly wasn’t difficult, although I did have to change the cross-members once or twice; in the drawing they are identical but the actual hardware is not. One has cables run inside of it for RGB control, and that makes enough of a difference to matter when assembling.

A closer look

The Daedalus M1 is a gaming-focused desk, complete with many nice little extras. A full desk mat/mouse pad, headset hanger, and cup holder. Of course it wouldn’t be “gamer” without the obligatory RGB — in this case, two leads running along the sides of the desk behind a diffusing panel.

The RGB cycles 12 preset designs and can be turned on/off and cycled through via buttons on the top of the desk. These buttons are unfortunately covered by the mouse pad/desk mat if you choose to use it. My mouse mat says “Daedalus E1” which is odd because that is a different model; perhaps they share a desktop pattern.

The adjustable feet are super handy for leveling the desk to make sure there is no “wobble” on uneven floors. The over all size of 59″w x 26″d x 30″h gives ample room. The cable tray in back holds a power strip. Coupled with a cable management net, unsightly cable mess is well hidden.

My thoughts on the Daedalus

The desk size is great. The assembly is fairly easy, though the instructions are not the greatest. It has a bunch of little “quality of life” improvements, with the headphone hanger and cup holder being able rotate out of the way. The RGB adds a little fun flare, and thanks to the the rigidity of the steel frame construction, this desk is is very solid. It’s a functional peice of furniture that will add a bit of pizzaz to your gaming space.

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  1. Me gusta mucho la mesa es perfecta

    • Raven Knighte says:

      Gracias por echarle un vistazo! Me alegro de que te guste! ¡Esperemos que nos envíe algunas fotos de la configuración de su estación de juegos cuando obtenga su escritorio Daedalus M1!

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