Sonuchi | June 2, 2021


Soundcore Life Dot 2 by Anker

Usually known for their quality USB cables, Anker has a line of earbuds I discovered only after I decided to hop on the market for some. While looking for decent wireless earphones within a limited budget, I stumbled upon the Soundcore Life Dot 2. Here’s my take on these little hidden gems.

Soundcore Life Dot 2’s Feel and Design

The Soundcore Life Dot 2 is a package all on its own for the price. The set includes a number of attachments for the many different sizes and styles of ears around the world. The case opens up to your earbuds magnetically attached to the charging case. The case is rechargeable via UBS-C and neatly holds your earbuds while charging them. While it can provide 100 hours of playtime, the earbuds themselves provide up to 8 hours on one charge. If the batteries are low, you’re in luck. The earbuds can get up to 90 minutes of playtime with just a 10-minute charge.

Removing the earbuds from the case powers them on and connects them to the most recent device you connected to via Bluetooth. Additionally, the Life Dot 2 can function with just one side; great for phone calls and when you’re keeping an eye on your surroundings. There is a single-button feature on the face of the earbud. Long presses power down the earbud. Long presses while the earbuds are off power them on and then puts them into discovery mode. I was initially disappointed that the earbuds did not have button controls for volume. Eventually, I found out that double-pressing the earbuds activates “Hey Google” on my Android phone, and then I can tell it to adjust the volume that way. The earbuds are IPX5, meaning they’re only water-resistant. So, no swimming while enjoying your music with the Lift Dot 2s.

This way, or that way?

Wearing the earbuds can be a bit tricky. The attachments are designed to hook into the inner part of your ear and getting them to fit right takes some time. I ended up using two different sizes since my ear shape is different. Placing the buds in properly can block out surrounding noise and provide the focus you’re aiming for while working out, studying, or using your brainpower.

Semi-Boom for Your Buck

The Life Dot 2 has some good sound for its price. I’ve stood at forks in the road when it came to buying headphones or earbuds, since I want my music quality at a level where it helps motivate me. The bass is nice and the audio is clear and crisp. It’s something I wasn’t expecting from a wireless earbud at this price. You’re getting a charging case, Bluetooth capabilities, great battery life, and great audio quality. I’m so glad I stumbled on these earbuds. At the time of this review, the Soundcore Life Dot 2 is priced at $41.99 on Amazon.com and shouldn’t be passed on if you’re looking for some quality buds at an affordable price.

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