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PurePower 11 by BeQuiet: It’s super quiet

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If you’ve used any of the BeQuiet silent wings fans, you know how quiet they are. The PurePower 11 Power Supply series shares this sentiment. As you may recall from our NZXT E-850 review, power supplies are frequently one of the overlooked components in a build. There often isn’t a lot of though put in to them at time of purchase.


BeQuiet is a brand that doesn’t put much stock in to packaging. Their boxes clearly describe what is inside, and carry their logo and branding, but aren’t overly engineered. The PurePower 11’s packing is the same – no frills, no packing foam, but it does come in a bubble-wrap sleeve.

In the box, you’ll find the power supply unit, user manual, and the power cord. There is also a baggie of zip-ties, and five screws for securing the power supply to your chassis of choice.

Using the PurePower 11

Our power supply is the 700w version, which is 700w nominal, 750w peak. This PSU carries an 80 PLUS Gold/Bronze efficiency rating, with up to 92% efficiency. This is also a fully non-modular power supply. In other words, all of the cabling is permanently attached. So whether or not you need a given cable, it is still going to be there in your chassis taking up cable management space. At just over $100, I would have loved to see at least a partially modular system for the peripheral cables. If having a partially modular PSU is what you require, BeQuiet does offer a PurePower 11 CM variation to meet that need.


On the subject of the cables: all cables come with black insulation around the wires. Each bundle of wires comes in a black mesh sleeve. The benefit there is that you don’t end up with the “ketchup and mustard” look of red and yellow wires peeking out of every crevasse of your build.

There are three separate cable runs for SATA and MOLEX power: six SATA connections, three MOLEX connectors, and a single 4-pin Berg connection (like for old school floppy drives). There are two dedicated GPU leads, each with a pair of 6+2 power connections. Then, of course, the standard 20+4 pin connection for the motherboard and a single 8-pin connection for CPU supplemental power.


As I alluded to earlier, BeQuiet as a company focuses on sound – or rather, lack thereof. The PurePower 11 is no different. On the test bench, I was able to sit within six inches of it and not hear its fan. Admittedly, I had to look to make sure it was even spinning.

Final Thoughts on the PurePower 11

If you don’t mind the lack of a modular cable system, this is a great PSU for the price – especially if you are a “silence first” sort of PC enthusiast. I, for one, would love to build out a whisper quiet machine. If, however, you have to have a modular power supply because of space constraints or preference, you may want to look at the PurePower 11 CM line.

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