Ron Davies | April 1, 2020


GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler

GAMDIAS was kind enough to send us the CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler for testing. This 120mm all-in-one cooler features a copper base plate, aluminum radiator, thermal grease, an AEOLUS M1 addressable RGB fan, and the AEOLUS Box II fan/ARGB controller with remote.

The included AEOLUS M1 fan features a rifle bearing and ranges in speed from 800 – 1500RPM ± 10%. This provides a rated noise level of 16 – 22 dBA and airflow of 55 CFM. The fan’s dimensions are 120 x 120 x 25 mm.

The CHIONE E1A-120R’s pump has dimensions of 151 x 199 x 27 mm and offers a rated cooling of 150W ± 10% TDP. Designed with sleeved Teflon tubes and included addressable RGB lighting, the pump aesthetics are clean and customizable.

The AEOLUS Box II is 85 x 54 x 15 mm in size and has built in magnets for a range of optional mounting locations. I chose to mount this behind the motherboard tray. It accepts 5V 3-pin addressable RGB input for motherboard syncing the addressable RGBs and is powered by a single SATA power connector. While the controller has space for two GAMDIAS ARGB LED devices, one is to be used by the ARGB pump. In addition, it also has space for a total of six GAMDIAS ARGB fans, with one used by the included fan. The AEOLUS Box II can also be chained to other AEOLUS Box IIs if additional ARGB components are to be synced.


Everything needed for installation was included with the GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R except an instruction manual, this I had to get online. The cooler comes with both Intel and AMD mounting hardware. In my experience, installing the CHIONE E1A-120R on AMD hardware it was quite easy. I simply had to mount the pump brackets and screw them into the factory AMD cooler mount. I was able to install the fan, radiator, and magnetic AEOLUS Box II without much difficulty. Because of the simplicity of installation, the entire job took only a few minutes.

The PC Specs

  • Case: GAMDIAS Talos M1B
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-A320M-SH2
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x
  • CPU Cooler: GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler
  • RAM: OLOy WarHawk RGB 16GB DDR4 3200
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition
  • PSU: ABKONCORE Tenergy Series 850 Watt Gold
  • Storage: Kingston A400 240 GB M.2 SSD & 32GB Intel X25-E Series SSD

I tested the GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R with the CPU at stock levels. The Ryzen 5 1600x was able to maintain an all core boost peaking at 61 C during a 20 minute long Time Spy CPU only test loop. In my own opinion, smaller all-in-one coolers aren’t meant for overclocking.


  • Performance: 10/10
    The cooler did its job, kept the CPU at a good temperatures during testing.
  • Noise: 10/10
    The included controller makes adjusting fan speeds easy.
  • Build Quality: 10/10
    I can’t speak to long term usage. However, on immediate inspection, everything seems well built.
  • Installation: 10/10
    Installing in a decent case on the AM4 platform was a breeze. Intel looks to be slightly more involved. Compatibility with other GAMDIAS products is nice.
  • Style and Looks: 10/10
    The addressable RGB pump and fan make the GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R stand out.
  • Total Score: 50/50 = A+

Final Thoughts

The CHIONE E1A-120R liquid cooler is great for what it is: a small liquid cooler designed to cool a CPU well and do it with some style. Most quality 120mm coolers follow the same basic concept: cool the CPU, move heat out of the case, and bring noise levels down. The GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R does just that, and more, with some really nice customization out of the box.

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