Sonuchi | January 13, 2021


Silent Wings 3 Fans by bequiet! – 120 mm of bliss

Fans are bound to go bad and when they do, you need to consider a few things. Personally, I wanted a fairly quiet fan that could still move enough air around. Say ‘Hi!’ to the bequiet! Silent Wings 3.

Options and Design

The bequiet! Silent Wings 3 fans come in two options: 120mm PWM and 140mm non-PWM. My case only allowed 120mm exhaust fans; that was fine. I also wanted fans with PWM so I could use these in future builds.

The Silent Wings 3 also comes with fluid dynamic bearings and produces an airflow of 50-55 CFM at 15-20 dBA. Black is the only color option. The package included anti-vibrating mountings and plastic picks for easy installation. However, screws are still included. You’ll just have to pass on the anti-vibrating mounts. The fan itself consists of seven blades. This reduces the gap between each blade, thereby improving air movement.

Installing the Silent Wings 3

As mentioned before, the installation is pretty simple if you opt for the anti-vibrating mounts. The mounts slide onto each corner of the fan and align perfectly to the mounting area on the case. I connected the fans directly to the motherboard and set the voltage amount to 100%. Keep in mind that even though the airflow is fairly good, I wouldn’t suggest these as fans for radiators. The pressure from these fans is not high enough to push air through.

Overall Performance and Thoughts

With two be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans installed in my case, I’m noticing a consistent airflow pushing out of my case with very little noise coming from them. This is, again, at 100% power output to each fan.

At the time of purchase, the fans cost $19.49 on newegg.com. The current price is now $21.90, but with efficient airflow at this low noise level, I would still buy these to replace any other case fans that go bad.

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