Hermes P2 RGB Keyboard by Gamdias

The Gamdias Hermes P2 keyboard comes with a learning curve, but once you get it customized to your liking, it’s a great tool.

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The Daedalus M1 by GAMDIAS

The Daedalus M1 gaming desk is a nice addition to any gamer’s station. It even comes with a cupholder.

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GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler

The CHIONE E1A-120R liquid cooler is great for what it is: a small liquid cooler designed to cool a CPU well and do it with some style.

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The GAMDIAS Talos M1B Case (This could be the case you’re looking for)

Shipped with a clear tempered glass front, tinted tempered glass side panel, addressable RGB strips for the front panel, and 3 addressable RGB fans for more front panel rainbow goodness, the GAMDIAS Talos M1B mid-tower case is aesthetically pleasing as a finished product. With vertical GPU mounting available, built-in front panel fan speed and ARGB […]

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The Gamdias Argus M1

The Argus M1 is here to help express your RGB love. If you’re in the market for a subtle glow, or want to light up a party, this case case by Gamdias is an affordable option to consider.

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