The be quiet! Silent Base 802 – Big and Flexible

The be quiet! Silent Base 802 has a lot of options. So much so, that you pretty much have four or five cases right in front of you.

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Silent Wings 3 Fans by bequiet! – 120 mm of bliss

Fans are bound to go bad and when they do, you need to consider a few things. Personally, I wanted a fairly quiet fan that could still move enough air around. Say ‘Hi!’ to the bequiet! Silent Wings 3. Options and Design The bequiet! Silent Wings 3 fans come in two options: 120mm PWM and […]

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Pure Base 500DX mid-tower case by be quiet!

Hot off the heels of our Pure Rock 2 review, we give you our review of the Pure Base 500DX mid-tower computer case, based off their Pure Base 500 chassis, re-imagined for airflow.

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