Cooling & Power

GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler

The CHIONE E1A-120R liquid cooler is great for what it is: a small liquid cooler designed to cool a CPU well and do it with some style.

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PurePower 11 by BeQuiet: It’s super quiet

There often isn’t a lot of though put in to power supplies at time of purchase. Here’s some food for thought.

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NZXT’s E-850 Power Supply: responsible power

The NZXT E-850 is an 850 watt smart Power Supply Unit (PSU). What’s so smart about it? The CAM software gives you real-time system health state data.

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ORCUS 240 RBW by Raijintek: The next level

The ORCUS 240 RBW: Everything its little brother aspires to be, and a fair bit more.

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ORCUS 120 RBW by Raijintek

For approximately $70 (at the time of writing this), a person can get the ORCUS 120 RBW, an AIO that can keep pace, runs quietly and add a little something aesthetically.

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The Arctic Liquid Freezer II is giving me chills

You’re probably familiar with Arctic as the maker of great thermal compound used the world over a decade. You might not know, however, that they make an array of coolers for CPUs and GPUs.

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The Zalman CNPS2X with AM4 adapter

The Zalman CNPS2X has an AM4 adapter kit now, so this is the perfect time to revisit the tiny portable gaming rig that I built in 2017.

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